A Solid Wood Door is a classic look for homes, and the traditional feel can add value to a property. In recent times, many homeowners have been opting to fit Composite Doors instead of traditional wooden ones. With both holding different benefits and drawbacks, take a look below at how they compare on issues that matter to homeowners. If you need any help in deciding what would be perfect for your home – Please contact Isle of Dogs Glaziers, and we will help you make the perfect choice for your home.

Cost & Maintenance

The initial cost of a Solid Wood Door is likely to be slightly less than that of a Composite Door, however, the cost of ongoing maintenance is likely to be more.

As well as being harder to clean, Solid Wood Doors require ongoing maintenance to be kept in best condition. Wooden doors are more susceptible to ageing and the elements, and failing to address these problems can lead to the door peeling, warping, swelling or becoming disfigured.

So if you don’t like the idea of regular maintenance, a composite door is the right choice for you.

Life Expectancy

Solid Wood Doors life expectancy varies depending on the weather conditions and the type of wood they are made of with many lasting considerable amounts of time. However, as a rule of thumb, they are expected to last upwards of 30 years if properly maintained, with a repaint needed every 2-5 years. On the other hand, Composite Doors are expected to last in excess of 35 years, with yearly oiling of the hinges and other moving parts recommended for best performance and longevity.


In terms of thermal and noise insulation, both wooden and Composite Doors excel when compared to other doors available on the market. However, whilst a Composite Door will retain its insulative properties over time a traditional Solid Wood Door can lose them without proper maintenance.


Both Composite and Solid Wood Doors rank well when it comes to security, they are hard to kick in and if fitted with the right locks, can be impenetrable without equipment. It is worth noting, however, that a Wooden Door will become much less secure if it begins to swell or warp as a result of poor maintenance and general weathering; this is something that will not occur with a Composite Door.

Choice of Styles

Both Composite and Solid Wood Doors are available in almost any colour imaginable, and whilst many people agree you can’t replicate the look or feel of an original handcrafted Solid Wood Door, many Composite Door suppliers (including ourselves!) offer the added option of wood grain texture and finishing effects on Composite Doors.

When it comes to repainting the door, Solid Wood Doors should be repainted every 2-5 years, allowing homeowners to easily change the colour of their door if they want to. Repainting a Composite Door can prove much more difficult, due to the material of the door we recommend it is done professionally and only with high quality paint.

How Do Solid Wood Doors React to Weather?

Wooden Doors can really suffer at the hands of the diverse weather we are used to here in the UK. When we are lucky enough to have sunshine, Wooden Doors are susceptible to warping this process can leave a gap in the door frame leading to decreased security and insulation. Additionally, paint that is exposed to sunshine and heat can begin to fade and peel, there are UV protective paints on the market to reduce the chances of this happening to your door. When the rain comes, Wooden Doors are prone to swelling, which can again leave a gap in the frame of your door. If this does happen, it can be an expensive process to rectify.

What are Composite Doors Made of?

Composite Doors are a fairly new technology designed to address some of the issues that homeowners experience with wooden doors such as discolouration, warping and security issues. They are made up of several different elements: Starting with a solid timber sub-frame which is then filled with high-density foam allowing for its superior acoustic and energy performance. This is then overlaid with a glass reinforced polymer to create a highly durable and easy to clean surface.

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