Autumn Sown Sweet Peas

Sweet peas can be sown in the Fall and the benefits are to produce sturdier plants, earlier in the spring, ready to plant out which will have better established root systems and flower earlier.

Autumn sown sweet peas are planted and germinated the same as in the Spring. Sweet peas are best sprouted into deep containers, ideally root fitness instructors. I prevent utilising toilet rolls for fall sown sweet peas as the Sweet pea plants will be in the containers for a lot longer, and there will be more chance of them getting damp and mouldy, or black mould and typically not holding up so well, for which reason root fitness instructors or deep pots are best. Root fitness instructors since they are deeper permit a greater root run and development, you can re usage year after year, and they are hinged at the base so you can raise the plant out with little root disruption when you are ready to plant out.

Plant the sweet peas into root fitness instructors, and plant a couple of centimetres below the surface guaranteeing you have actually firmed down the soil to make certain there are no air pockets which are damaging to young roots. If a root becomes an air pocket, its a bit like a vacuum, and the root might struggle and pass away so firm up the soil and then cover the sweet pea lightly with soil. Water a little, or utilise a spray, and place in propagator to sprout. It is best to place out of direct sunlight but someplace warm, such as flooring of greenhouse, on newspaper if cold, and remove from propagator as soon as they sprout.

Over the winter you need to keep the sweet peas away from the worst of the weather condition. They are durable to around -2 degrees sweet peas will not enjoy being exposed to the winter season without some security. If in a conservatory, ventilate well and prop open, throughout chilly and even cold weather, approximately -2 and then close for the serious frosts, snow or heavy rain. If in a green home try and aerate as much as possible during milder spells.

In early spring the plants will require to be hardened off carefully and then plant out in the usual method.

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